soundAMP R

soundAMP R is the top selling hearing app on the App Store.

Your new hearing solution.

soundAMP is a software application that turns iPhone, iPod touch and iPad into high quality hearing solutions.

How does it work? Sounds are picked up by the microphone, amplified and processed in realtime by soundAMP, and sent to your earbuds. You may use a headset with microphone; these come with most Apple devices. Or you may use the built-in mic simply by using headphones. The built-in mics on these devices are directional and produce higher quality sound.

You're in control with soundAMP. You can adjust volume by sliding the volume button. You can adjust background sound levels for each situation by moving the Zoom slider.

If you'd like to hear what was just said again, without asking your friend to repeat him or her self, just tap the Instant replay button. This gives you instant access to the last 30 seconds of conversation.

We have tuned soundAMP to provide crystal clear sound at the maximum possible volume, and with its advanced technology, it even reduces volume over the limit.

Customized sound for every customer.

You can tune the sound you hear simply by adjusting the equalizer sliders. Each slider controls a band of frequencies, from hi-pitched sounds to mid-range sounds to low-pitched sounds.

You can make adjustments for each ear or for both ears. These adjustments are automatically saved for you.

Tap the Back button to return to the main listening screen.

Record it, replay it.

soundAMP R provides full-length recording features. You can capture lectures, presentations, interviews, and even important information relayed to you at a doctor's appointment.

Recordings are saved in the library. During playback, you can control the sound including volume, zoom level, and tunings. It sounds 'live!' The quality is excellent.

You can also apply "bookmarks" to the recording, both while you are recording and also during playback. Bookmarks help you find key points quickly.

We hope you enjoy soundAMP, and we look forward to hearing from you.


  • soundAMP R supports iOS 4 multitasking.
  • Stereo bluetooth is not supported due to both bluetooth and operating system limitations.
  • iPod touch 2nd and 3rd generations require a headset with mic.
  • soundAMP does not amplify phone calls or music.
soundAMP R

soundAMP Lite is the most popular hearing app on the App Store.

It is offered for you to try hearing on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Attach a headset or headphones and turn up the volume.You'll hear crystal clear sound at the loudest possible volume.

It has simple controls for you to try different volume levels, and to hear the differences as you adjust background sound levels and also the tone.

When you are ready, simply tap the upgrade button to purchase soundAMP R, our full-featured, more powerful hearing app.


  • Runs on iOS devices, but does not support multitasking. Upgrade to soundAMP R to get multitasking.
  • Does not support stereo bluetooth due to bluetooth and operating system limitations.
  • iPod touch 2nd and 3rd generations require a headset with mic.
  • Does not amplify phone calls or music.